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Cleveland past the Breakwall
Cleveland Redirect Service, a mail forwarding service and virtual branch office, allows a person or company to use our address in Cleveland to receive mail and faxes. Individuals have a confidential, permanent mailing address and businesses have a branch office in Cleveland. We then take your unopened mail and faxes, place them in a larger envelope, and forward it to you at any address you'd like us to send it to. Some clients may have their mail forwarded to an address in the same city, only a few miles away. Others have their mail forwarded to the West Coast!

Cleveland's BicentennialWhen we receive your mail, we forward it TWICE a week, or we can hold your mail until you request it be forwarded. Your true address and identity will remain a secret. We do not publish or sell client's names or addresses. We are dedicated to the concept and practice of privacy, believing that entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide need an incognito edge, as "Big Brother Government" threatens to strangle the life blood out of free enterprise and our personal privacy.

Once you are a subscriber to our service, you may use our address as your return address on your envelopes, stationary, reply cards, etc. You may also use our fax number to receive facsimilies.

Cleveland from the FlatsFor our clients who want a "Cleveland" postmark affixed to their outgoing mail, we will mail your outgoing mail free when you send us your sealed letters with appropriate postage affixed. Simply place your outbound envelopes (pre-addressed and pre-stamped) into a larger envelope and mail to: Cleveland Redirect Service, , . Once received, your mail will be re-mailed out the next day and have a "Cleveland, Oh" postmark. The service is free to subscribers. Non-subscribers include $1 with each outbound letter to be re-mailed. We DO NOT forward packages, only letters.

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